... Reno Snake Rescue! 

These snakes are all native to Reno Nevada. If you need to be rescued from a snake, or have a snake rescued from you, in the Reno area call 750-5537. We gently remove snakes and relocate them a mile or two away. There is no charge. Last updated 3/28/2010. Thank you to Pyramid.net for hosting this site.

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This is a Gopher snake. Click to see BIGGER pics. Please note the pointed tail. A week old puppy can give you a bigger bite.

This is a young Rattlesnake. Click to see BIGGER pics. Please note the stubby tail. A bite from a rattlesnake is rarely fatal, but it is critical to get to an emergency room as fast as possible.

This is a Rubber Boa. Click to see BIGGER pics. Rubber Boas do not bite. It's a small, calm snake that is happy to stay wrapped around your neck or wrist for hours.